Darlene's Closet honors a West TN woman's legacy

Jordan Hall

JACKSON, Tenn. -- As Robert Richmond goes through his wife, Darlene's, possessions, he remembers how much she loved to give.

Darlene passed away in December, but this weekend her family will sell clothes from her expansive closet.

"Some wise man that she was working with said that she needed to make sure she buy[s] herself something out of her paycheck. That way she'd enjoy working," Richard said.

Richard says his wife took that advice to heart.

Her husband explained that different items of clothing bring out different memories of their life together, and now with the purchase of all of these clothes, her legacy can live on.

"She loved people. She was a giver, and [Richard] knew that she wouldn't mind using her items to help," Nadine RIchmond, Darlene's daughter-in-law, said.

All the money raised will benefit a new nonprofit set to open in August at the Empowerment and Enrichment Complex for youth and adults.

It's a vision Richard says his wife wanted to be a part of before she died.

"Darlene is still giving life and that's what this is all about, " Richard said .

Although she isn't here to see her dream, she's still making a difference.

The complex will be dedicated in Darlene Richmond's name.

Darlene's closet is located at the Empowerment and Enrichment Complex in Downtown Jackson at 438 East Main Street.

It will be set up starting 11 a.m. Saturday morning until the late afternoon.

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