Downtown Jackson: Inaugural Amp Concert a Success!

Jordan Hall

JACKSON, Tenn. -- Friday night, Jackson hosted its inaugural 'Downtown Throwdown'. What used to be a forgotten area behind the farmer's market in downtown Jackson has new life.

"I have been hearing about it on the radio and I said, 'hey this is free! Let's go!", said concert attendee Penny Key.

This is the first in a series of free summer concerts at the downtown amphitheater, known as "The Amp."

"This is so exciting, the first inaugural concert at the Downtown Throwdown! We're so excited. There is a great crowd here - I love any time I can come down town," said spectator Cheri Spencer.

Some said it has been a long time since downtown has seen this kind of excitement.

Downtown Development Corporation, which hosts events, says the turnout is incredible.

"It's overwhelmingly successful," said Director Katie Pace. "We were hoping if we got more than 200 it would be great, and as you can tell we have more than 200!"

Pace explained it shows community pride.

"It's something everyone can be part of. It's the community and a part of Jackson, and I think people deep down love that," said Pace.

It's drawing a whole new crowd to this part of the Hub City.

"I have never been able to come downtown for an event like this. There have been things in the north part of town and I love we can come down town and enjoy all the new area and bring business down here," stated Spencer.

"I think the timing is just right," Pace said. "The community has stepped up the 'shouting out of the rooftops' of how great Jackson is for quality of life living."

Concerts at the Amp are scheduled through October 4.
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