THP says highway drivers are safer thanks to new software

Jordan Hall

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. -- The THP is saving lives with CRASH, a computer software that identifies the most risky areas for drivers on the road.

"It's not magic. It's just taking statistics and the data that we know and overlaying it in the area, using our resources the best we can," Lt. Brad Wilbanks explained.

Interstate travelers say it's a program that's needed.

"The congestion parts for me are the massive lane shifting in cities especially like Memphis. That one was really difficult because I actually got off the wrong road," traveler Martha Taylor said.

THP administrators say they separate the state into blocks and divide the day into 4-hour increments.

They take the data from crashes and DUI citations to determine where troopers need to be.

"Obviously we want to be everywhere, but we can't be. This type of data where we put the troopers where we feel like the probability of a crash occurring is higher," Wilbanks said.

THP has seen a 6-7 percent decrease in traffic deaths in the six months they've been using the software, and report an increase in DUI and seatbelt citations.

They say, so far, 70 percent of the predictions have been accurate.


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