Educator of the Week: Wade

Erik Taylor

BEMIS, Tenn. -- Amy Wade is a 12-year Special Education teacher in the medically fragile class at The Montessori School in Bemis.

"Just make progress and sometimes with students who have low instance disabilities that progress cannot be seen by a lot of people. But you spend a lot of time with a kid and watching them hit a switch that maybe they couldn't hit last year is an achievement unlike no other." Wade says.

Wade is an alumnus of Union University where she earned her Bachelors and Middle Tennessee State University where she earned her Masters in Severe Profound Special Education.

"The first person who got me into this was not an educator but a student," Wade said. "I had a neighbor when I was in the third grade who had Cerebral Palsy and I used to go to her house with my sister to play with her. Her parents said that we were her first friends, and I just thought that was terrible. She shouldn't have her first friends in the third grade. So I became good friends with her and was interested in Severe Profound Special Education from here on. Then I went ahead in high school and was a peer tutor. I actually started tutoring and teaching in the medically fragile class while in high school."

Wade says teaching Special Education comes with its fair share of daily challenges.

"I have students who see vision teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. So they have a very busy day and working around that. But I have top notch professionals that I work with and the nurses love their students. Everyone tries to do their best to provide the utmost care and simplest learning environment for their students," Wade said.

Wade says she enjoys seeing her students smile and how they achieve the success of an everyday independent routine.

"I want to prepare my students to be as independent as possible in whatever there adult outcome might be. So the things that they need to do to functionally get through life. I want to help them expound upon these and reach that maximum level of independence." Wade said.

Wade will be eligible for the statewide Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month award. To vote for her go to To nominate a teacher for our weekly award you can email us at educator at


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