Gibson County Commissioners vote on drug testing

Jordan Hall

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. -- Monday night, the Gibson County Commission votes on whether drug testing will be a policy for all employees.

Some county offices already do drug screenings for employees. Others have not had a policy in years, but the proposal by Mayor Tom Witherspoon and Commissioner Bobby Cotham said all county employees will be subject to random testing.

"You never know what's going on behind closed doors and what they're doing, so I think everybody that has a legal job around here should get drug tested," said county resident Lakeyda Leke.

Screenings for new job applicants, employees acting suspiciously, workers who have accidents on the job, and random testing are included in the proposal.

Many Gibson County residents said a policy like this is a no-brainer when these people are people in the county that they look up to.

"We don't want people running our counties that are doing these kinds of things. You want good, clean leaders and people to look up to," said resident Braxton Baugus.

Many said county employees are the example.

County leaders explained the proposal would mean a cost of $10,000 to pay for the drug testing. They also said it would mean workman's compensation insurance would cost $50,000 less per year for the county.


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