Jackson Firefighter Arraigned For Weekend Gas Station Incident

Mallory Cooke

DOWNTOWN JACKSON -A Jackson firefighter is off the job accused of shooting at a local convenience store. Police say Corye Martin turned himself in Monday.

Martin appeared before a judge on Monday morning. Police say Martin shot up the Phillips 66 on North Parkway Saturday night. “If you're an adult, you should act like an adult and we just can't, we just can't have that,” said Jackson Fire Chief Max Stewart.

Stewart confirms the department suspended Martin without pay. He faces reckless endangerment and misdemeanor vandalism charges. “We treat everyone the same,” said Captain Tyreece Miller, with the Jackson Police Department. “In this case he broke the law, so we had to charge him with the crime.”

Saturday night police say Martin walked behind the counter to a get a pack of cigarettes. Officers say the clerk had to physically remove him from that side of the counter. “As he was leaving, he tapped his gun on the hood of his car and then he fired into the air,” said Miller.

Police say the suspect fired at least three times and hit the store’s canopy. “I think it's a crying shame that one of our officials did the shooting and that it happened here in Jackson period,” said Barry Jones, of Jackson.

Stewart says Martin has been with the department three years and did not have disciplinary problems. “Just because we have an issue with one firefighter, I don't want anybody to think that the rest of them aren't doing their job cause they are.” said Stewart.

The judge set Martin’s bond at $50,000. Martin is scheduled to return to court March 20.


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