Suspects Rob Savannah Store Dressed In Halloween Costumes

Erica Williams

SAVANNAH, Tenn -- It's business as usual at 64 Liquors in Savannah less than 24 hours after two men, accused of robbing them of thousand of dollars, appeared in court.

"Within a short time we were able to identify the suspects," Investigator Timmy Keen, of the Savannah Police Department said.

Police said Willie Tyrone Casey and Charles Wynn robbed the store on Friday night while dressed as Duck Dynasty cast-mates.

Investigators said the masks and two beer cans were found behind a house next to the store, eventually leading them to the suspects.

Casey was picked up by police within an hour of the robbery and Wynn on Sunday, after police traced barcodes of the discarded masks back to a nearby Wal-greens.

Police said both men are facing multiple charges including aggravated robbery and theft for stealing beer and the two duck dynasty costumes.


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