Miss Tennessee Contestants Prepare for Tough Competition

Adam Wells

The interviews, the quick changes, the dance steps and the talent showcase are all part of what contestants will go through in order to compete for the title of Miss Tennessee. It's more than just a beauty competition.

"Its shopping, working out, eating healthy, watching the news and talking to my parents about whats going on in the news. Its pretty rigorous," said Sara Mitchell, Miss Greene County.

"A lot of them have been preparing for this well before 18 the first time they can compete," Choreographer Angie Lawrence said. " We have a lot of first competitors this year but it has been a five to six year process."

Many of those first year contestants don't know what competition to expect. For Miss Dyersburg Madison Butler, who has a basketball background, it's business as usual.

"I'm not sure how competitive they are but I know from growing up playing basketball and in a competitive family the competitive part is my favorite part," Butler said.

The grueling schedule and constant practice is all part of the pageant world. Miss Tennessee Erin Hatley knows that all to well. "Getting rest is an important part and staying focused," Hatley said. "Yes, you're here to compete. So, you don't want your focus to be lost."

Once the lights come on and the pageant begins at the Carl Perkins Civic Center Wednesday night, you can bet each contestant is more than ready to be crowned.

"The role of Miss Tennessee is supposed to be important to you," Hatley said. "Something you've prepared a lot for."


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