Couple more photos from the Terry Community, Cedar Grove. It continues to rain, we still have puddles that aren't showing any signs of icing over yet, but the ice is really forming strong on the branches and on the deck boards. Just heard a branch somewhere back in the woods snap and fall when I was out taking these photos. Bob Williquette Cedar Grove


North Jackson Residents Still Without Power

Jordan Hall

NORTH JACKSON -- People like Jackson resident Charles Currie say this is just an unusual winter, and says the cold weather this year is hard to adapt to.

It's also been an unusual winter storm, where trees fell because of the ice storm Sunday night and knocked down power lines.

Robert Mullins, Manager of Operations for Jackson Energy Authority, says this is one of the worst ice storms to hit North Jackson in years. Outages began last night around 10:30 p.m., and he says JEA has had crews out on the scene ever since.

Mullins says they're doing all they can and they will work well into the night.

"These guys work in all kinds of dangerous conditions, so we really appreciate what our folks do and they're highly trained - and good at getting the lights back on," Mullins said.

Mullins warned residents to be aware of low-lying power lines and to avoid them. He also said that if residents are without power in other areas they aren't aware of, make sure to notify Jackson Electrical Services.


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