Savannah police officer dies in midnight accident

Jordan Hall

SAVANNAH, Tenn. -- The flag at the Savannah Police Dept. flies at half-staff Friday, hours after the death of Patrolman Jamison Woody.

"It's just shocking to us and it's just hard for us to imaging and get over this," Sgt. Allen Snelling said.

The officer was off-duty in a vehicle with two others when investigators say the driver lost control, over-corrected, and slammed into a tree on Blanton Road.

"It'll take a while for the healing process and everybody's real sad right now because of the circumstances, but hopefully we'll all get through it by talking through it and everything," Chief Terry Hosea explained.

Sgt. Snelling said the department has lost a member of their family.

"I remember working the first day with him, he rode with me, his first day shift, and he's just like a brother to us," Snelling said.

Chief Hosea said the loss will bring the department closer together.

"Through prayer and relying on each other, we can get through this," Chief Hosea said.

Woody served at the department for 6 years.


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