School Spirit Contest Push For New Attitude

Brittany Patterson

JACKSON, Tenn. - Students across West Tennessee are headed back to school, and many of them have a strong sense of school spirit.

North Side High School Air Force Junior ROTC students are a prime example.

"North Side has probably the best pride there is out of all high schools in Jackson-Madison County," said Contericka White, a Freshman and Cadet in North Side's Air Force Junior ROTC.

Junior ROTC members hope to spread a sense of pride and accomplishment at their school.

"Success is contagious," said Col. Chris Pope, Senior Aerospace Instructor at North Side Air Force Junior ROTC unit. "When other students who are not Junior ROTC students see our students being successful, they start believing in themselves."

Administrators at North Side say they're re-instilling a belief and sense of school pride in the classroom, in after-school programs, and on their fields.

"We're looking into some things that will give incentives and bring more pride within the students themselves," said North Side Assistant Principal Rose Anderson.

The "Give With Target" program is one competition renewing North Side pride. "Give With Target" is an online competition that has schools nationwide vying for a piece of a $2.5 Million prize. Administrators say that money could help students with school supplies and help them find their personal success.

"We're trying to prepare them for the future, and when they have pride in where they came from, they'll support you in the future," said Anderson.

For more information on the "Give With Target" program, or to vote for your school, check out You must have a Facebook account to participate.


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