Storm Knocks Over Fence Between Feuding Families

Joe Sullivan

Robert Frost wrote "Good fences make good neighbors". An ongoing case in Chester County does not hold up.

Storms damaged the fence separating Carla Pickett and Terry Saylor. Up to this time the fence kept the neighbors apart. Carla owns the fence. She says the fence fell down because Terry tampered with it.

"She took the braces off of my fence. My neighbor has took every brace", Carla Pickett said.

Saylor says she did not touch the fence.

Mother nature created the next chapter in what has become a Hatfield and McCoys situation, minus the violence.

According to the Chester County Sheriff's department they have been called out to these homes twelve times since 2009.

The bickering continued between the neighbors.

Saylor believes Pickett poisoned her dog to death. Pickett strongly denies the claim. Pickett says the Saylor's poisoned her grass and bushes. Saylor strongly denies it.

"Everything that happens on my property can't prove it, get security camera's how about if I just get a bunch of rottweilers and put them out here. We will have some proof", Terry Saylor said.

Law enforcement officials were unable to substantiate either neighbors' claim.

Terry has a solution to end the feud. She would like to sell her house and move as far away from Carla as possible. Carla says that would be just fine with her.

Pickett said, "What they need to do is just pack up and move back to Illinois. She has a house up there that is where they need to go."

Saylor has a message for Pickett.
"You do whatever you have to do on that side of the fence. I don't care what you do. You can stand there and run across your yard naked. I don't care as long as it doesn't have anything to do with me", Saylor said.

Saylor is due in court July 6th where she will face a charge of criminal trespassing.


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