Zach Adams


Zach Adams Does Not Appear At Hearing, Has 3 Weeks To Hire Attorney

Natalie Potts

DECATURVILLE, Tenn. -- Zach Adams was scheduled to make his next appearance in Decatur County Circuit Court Wednesday morning, however he did not appear.

Judge Creed McGinley said in court Wednesday that he regretted granting Adams' request to waive his appearance and said that he would appear at all further hearings.

"I wish I had not accepted that waiver because the court would like to address him because the onus is on him to secure council," said Judge McGinley.

"He put his foot down and said he will be here," said Bobo Supporter Tammy Ramey. "He should have to face everyone that was in there and not get to sit in his little cell."

Adams has not retained an attorney. Nashville Attorney Jennifer Lynn Thompson told the court an agreement has not been finalized due to financial reasons. Judge McGinley set another hearing for Wednesday April 30 at which time Adams will have a public defender appointed to him if he has still not retained one.

"I'm truly interested in moving this case along as I told you on the front end and I cannot go through a process where we come in every 30 days and we are not doing anything," said Judge McGinley.

Some Holly Bobo supporters at the hearing told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that they are disappointed that nothing happened at the hearing, they said it feels like the case is at a standstill.

"Well I was expecting a little more than what happened I was disappointed that he didn't have council and that hadn't been worked out ...I think the judge was kind of disappointed as well," said Bobo Supporter Keith Byrd.

Decatur County Public Defender Guy Wilkerson, recused himself from from the case so a public defender from another county will be appointed if Adams is unable to hire an attorney.

"It's just frustrating you know Holly has already been through so much, the family has already been through so much its time to get it stated and over with," said Mary-Beth Helms, Holly's Friend.

Bobo Family Pastor Don Franks told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Holly's family still has faith justice will be done.

"Sure there was some disappointment today but we understand how things are moving forward and want to move forward in the right direction," said Pastor Franks. "Please continue to pray for the family."


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