Besso's Restaurant Closes

Cyndi Lundeberg

NORTH JACKSON, Tenn. - Besso's Italian Restaurant which just opened in Jackson last fall has closed, after just three months, leaving many of its customers wondering where to go to get their Italian fix.

"Besso's is my favorite restaurant. I love to come here and eat their fettucine alfredo," Tony Bowman said.

Owners of the north Jackson eatery, Drs. Carey Frix and Nicole Jennings, of Henderson, said they struggled to find qualified workers.

Dr. Frix said, "Preparing and serving our menu requires a different skill set than working at fast food or chain restaurants, which are common in our region.Finding a drug-free, skilled labor force is a challenge for a restaurant like ours."

Bowman, a Besso's enthusiast, he was always impressed with the staff who served him. "The manager was just awesome, and the employees were just awesome. Every time I came here Id have a really good time," he said.

Frix says he believes the recent payroll tax increase that went into effect at the beginning of the year has kept diners away. He also says even if customers evenutally returned, "Obamacare" would've cost him thousands which visitors would've had to absorb.

Former Besso's manager Adam Beaver says the announcement during a Tuesday night staff meeting came as a complete shock.

"That's very horrible. Losing their jobs I mean there were so many people here that were just great, just phenomenal service. The hostesses, were awesome the waitress the bartenders everyone was just awesome," Bowman said.

Drs. Frix and Jennings are returning Besso's to its roots in downtown Henderson. They plan to reopen their gelato and coffee shop by July.

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