Screening Debate

By Health Day

People with diabetes which affects more than 25 million American adults need to get regular checkups to look for problems with their eyes, feet, and other body parts.

Getting earlier screening for colorectal cancer might be a good idea, too.

In new research presented at the Digestive Disease Week, investigators looked at three groups of people who'd had a colonoscopy: people in their 40s with and without diabetes, and people in their 50s without diabetes.

A type of colon polyp called adenomas was about as common in people in their 40s with diabetes as people in their 50s who didn't have diabetes. Colon cancers can develop from adenomas.

The American Cancer Society recommends that people start having screenings for colon cancer and polyps starting at age 50 using a colonoscopy or other method. People at higher than average risk may want to begin at younger ages.

This study suggests that people with diabetes may want to talk to their doctor about starting earlier.

I'm Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV, with the news that doctors are reading; health news that matters to you.

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