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Teens have impressive encounter with Jackson Police Officer

JACKSON, Tenn. -- A West Tennessee police officer has a group of teens, well really an entire neighborhood, talking about how he responded to a challenge while patrolling a Jackson neighborhood. North Side High School graduates who were previously on the football team may have met their match Wednesday afternoon. It is a play they said they will not forget... Read more »

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Several Shootings in Bolivar

BOLIVAR, Tenn.--Within the last 48 hours the city of Bolivar has seen multiple shootings and reports of gunfire, but shockingly no one has been hit. Victims and community members are now stepping forward... Read More »

Victim's family: Accused murderer could walk free

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. -- A West Tennessee family is baffled after they say a killer will soon walk free, having never faced a judge and jury. Brittany Christie was found dead inside a Jackson motel in... Read More »

Local businesses set own rules for weapons on site

JACKSON, Tenn. -- How you arm yourself while in the building or on the job is up to your boss, according to legal experts we spoke with. Workplace safety remains a big concern across the country... Read More »

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