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Former General, Mariners prospect Victor Sanchez dies after boating accident

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Six weeks after a boating accident, Mariners prospect Victor Sanchez has died at the age of 20. Sanchez was in a boating accident on February 14th while swimming in Venezuela, where he is from. He was hit in the head by a boat propeller and suffered from skull fractures. He passed away Saturday night after being in a coma for six weeks. Sanchez... Read more »

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Cars come in full throttle at Motor Mania

JACKSON, Tenn. -- Motor Mania took a spin through the Jackson Fairgrounds, as car owners shined up their finest automobiles to show off to other enthusiasts. Racecars, classics, and hot rods were shown... Read More »

Snow White takes the stage at Carl Perkins Civic Center

JACKSON, Tenn. -- The stage at the Carl Perkins Civic Center turned into a magical dance performance as ballet students performed Snow White. The ballet performance was put on by ballet arts, featuring... Read More »

UT Martin students show off Baja vehicle

JACKSON, Tenn. -- A unique vehicle rolled up to Motor Mania in Jackson Saturday, built by engineering students at UT Martin. The Society of Automotive Engineers competes each year against schools across... Read More »

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