Cleanup from Storm Underway in Henderson County

Emily Cassulo

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. - An early morning storm damaged several areas in Henderson County, and left three people injured.

The Middle Fork community, which is along Highway 22-A, took a hard hit.

Dena Crook said when the storm hit her house, it felt like an earthquake.

"You could just feel the house almost moving, and then there were just crashes everywhere," Crook said. "It was like crash, crash, crash and everything was flying."

"Nothing wakes me up when a storm comes through, but that woke me up," said Lana Crook, Dena's daughter-in-law.

A tree was knocked down in front of Crook's home. Their roof was damaged and was leaking almost immediately.

Crook said they sat and waited out the storm.

"And then we were scared to try to go out, so actually we waited until daylight to try to get out and see anything," she said.

It has been a clean-up effort since the sun came up.

Henderson County deputies had to direct traffic around the trees and power lines that littered the roads.

Their office was flooded with nearly 180, 911 calls, about five times their normal calls.

Many were without electricity, including the Crooks.

She said this is the worst damage she has had in the 44 years she has lived here.

"We're waiting on the insurance adjuster and then we put plastic on the roof to stop the raining in case it keeps on raining," Crook said.

Residents have days of cleaning up ahead.


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