19-year-old Wins $1.2 Million in Lottery

Heather Mathis

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn.,- It is hard to tell 19-year-old John Low just won big in the Tennessee Lottery. Just a day after picking up a $1.2 million check, Low was back at work.

"It's not going to really change me way of doing things," confessed Low. "It might be a little easier down the road."

Low won the ticket at JB's Express Mart in Paris, just down the road from where he works.

"He comes in here just about every other day he gets off," said cashier, Matthew Underwood.

Low will take home just over $900,000 of the prize, and he said he plans on being smart with the cash.

"I thought if it ever happened to me I'd be jumping up and crazy, but really I was speechless and couldn't stand up. Honestly, I'm still waiting to wake up from a dream," said Low.

The young winner said he plans to continue working at a local delivery store. "People have asked me why I'm still here but you know I just decided not to change and stay the way I am."

Low said he plans on eventually buying some land, and spending a little extra on his family for the holiday's this year.

JB's Express Mart will get $5,000 for selling the winning ticket.


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