Fourth of July Boosts Henderson Co. Economy

Meghan Pinkley

LEXINGTON, Tenn. - Thousands of West Tennesseans flocked to Beech Lake on Wednesday for their annual Festival of Lakes, and Lexington city officials happily accommodated the visitors who said the Fourth of July event is an advantage for their city.

"We came out here last year. It was a great line-up, great music, great fun, excellent fireworks show, weather's beautiful so you couldn't find a better place to be," said Patrick Williams.

City officials expected this to be their biggest year yet, anticipating more than 3,000 people to come to one of their biggest events of the year.

"It really boosts our economy, it helps bring people in, buying stuff at our local stores, really helps our community come together," said Mayor Tim Pierce. "When people come here tonight and see our community and see how we work together as a community, they'll want to be a part of our community."

A few things were added to the Festival of Lakes this year to boost ticket sales.

"We still have the free fireworks, we've kept everything there but at the same time we have some entertainment that we normally don't have and we're fortunate to have gotten this year," said Chamber of Commerce President Melissa Lindsey.

No matter what the annual event does for Lexington's economy, West Tennesseans were just grateful there was a place for them to go and watch fireworks.


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