500 New Jobs Coming to West Tennessee

Natalie Potts

OBION COUNTY, Tenn.- Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam visited Union City, Monday to announce the creation of more than 500 new manufacturing jobs in West Tennessee.

9to5 Seating officials said they plan to move its China based manufacturing facility back to the U.S. to occupy the Union City IDB Speculative Building on Greenfield Drive in the Northwest Regional Industrial Center.

"This is significant obviously people know that Union City has had a fairly rough period recently when it comes to employment so it makes this news all the better," said Gov. Bill Haslam. "This company is moving business back from China to the U.S. to manufacture here, in a day when everybody thinks all the manufacturing is leaving to go overseas, well it's just not true."

9to5 officials said its Union City division will build high quality office chairs, branding the name "MIA Seating" which stands for "Made in America."

"This is something every county wants and every city wants so thank goodness they settled in Obion County and Union City," said Mayor Benny McGuire of Obion County.

City leaders said the deal was possible thanks to the $3.25 million spent in county funds to build a facility in hopes that it would bring in new jobs. Officials said the business relationship is a milestone for the region which has reportedly lost nearly 2,000 jobs since 2011.

"This is a morale booster for this county and you know you can't buy morale, you can't put a dollar figure on it," said Mayor McGuire. "You just got to keep trying never give up we wouldn't of had this business had we given up so never give up no matter who you are ."

Company officials said they plan to start taking employment applications at a job fair between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The company also plans to start production by late January 2014. Local officials said they have estimated a full return on their investment within 10 years.


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