911 Dispatcher With Cancer Gains Support

Erica Williams

BOLIVAR, Tenn. - A Hardeman County 911 dispatcher who has helped thousands during her 17-year career, is now in need of help herself as she fights the biggest battle of her life.

Penny Chaney is battling stage four cervical cancer. In the last month her co-workers have responded to at least three calls to her house.

"The one that frightens me the most is if she's not breathing," said her friend and co-worker, Cris Hill. "That will be difficult for all of us."

Hill said up until last month, Chaney was still coming to work even when she was sick.

"Penny would be taking 911 calls and sending out help when she was in pain," said Marilyn Woody, Chaney's supervisor and friend.

They said that is a testament to the passion she has for helping others; but now the tables have turned.

Dispatchers are selling bracelets, t-shirts, and key chains to raise money to assist Chaney, a single mother of three, with her medical expenses. So far they've raised more than $2,000 dollars and garnered support from dispatchers around the U.S.

"We had to let people know that she is the voice that answers your 911 calls and now she needs your help," said Hill.

Chaney hasn't been able to work since last month; but her co-workers are still hopeful that soon she'll be back doing one of the things she loves the most.

To find out more information about "Prayers For Penny", go to the Seen on 7 page of our website.


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