ABI Rejects Breathalyzers

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. - Sharon Baudo has been in the restaurant business for more than 40 years and has become an expert on catching customers who have had too many drinks.

"All of our staff is trained to make sure no one is over served, they haven't had to much to drink and we have called taxi cabs before we've taken keys away," said Sharon Baudo, owner of Baudo's Italian Restaurant.

She said all drivers should not be forced to have a breathalyzer inside of their car.

"I don't think its a good thing for everybody to have it, maybe second time offenders of DUI's or possibly a first-time offender but for everybody its just not right I think that's infringing on our rights," said Baudo.

"It would save lives if everyone who is .08 who got a DUI first time had an interlock will save lives," said Stan Flowers of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving supports the interlock system to be installed in drunk driver's vehicles.

"MADD's position is that anyone is over .08 which is legally intoxicated its what we're for were saying they should have interlock if they get a DUI if they're .08, " said Flowers.


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