ATM Stolen, Police Still Searching For Suspects

HOLLOW ROCK, Tenn. -- Carroll County Deputies are still searching for the suspects that stole an ATM from a bank on September 13.

The ATM from Hollow Rock First Bank branch was stolen in the early morning hours.

Deputies say three perpetrators used a pickup truck they had stolen just prior to this incident and placed a chain around the machine and used the truck to pull it from its foundation.

The truck was then used to push the machine away from the bank. The truck and ATM machine were located approximately 1/2 mile from the Bank in a wooded area under the Hwy. 70 bridge in Hollow Rock by Carroll County Deputies after they arrived on scene and were able to follow scrap marks and debris left along the roadway by the machine.

The truck was heavily damaged and the machine itself (valued at nearly $40,000.00) was destroyed however, the suspects were not able to retrieve any money from the machine.

Police were able to recover the machine with all of the money still inside but have not made any arrests in the case.

If anyone has any information regarding this case they can contact the Hollow Rock PD or Carroll County Sheriffs Office.


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