ATV Theft Suspect Arrested

Ben Rainwater

CAMDEN, Tenn. - The Benton County Sheriff's Department has been searching for a wanted man for more than six months. And after the long search, the suspect is behind bars.

"We just didn't give up," said Sheriff Tony King of Benton County. "It's been a challenge. He's made it interesting."

Joshua Ellis is charged with four counts of theft, among other crimes. After he escaped a high-speed chase Wednesday, Ellis was finally captured in Henry County.

"When they found him in the hotel, he had a loaded handgun and some illegal drugs on him and paraphernalia," said King. "And he's being held in Henry County Jail at this time."

Investigators said Ellis stole four-wheelers from Benton County residents. One man sprang into action when criminals stole a trailer and ATV from his front yard, right in front of the bedroom window

"The night that it happened, Tim (my husband) got really hurt," said theft victim Tammy Parker. "He got in the vehicle with the two guys and they threw him out of the vehicle and completely ran him over. So we've got numerous medical bills."

The Parkers, and other families affected by the thefts, are happy to see justice served.

"I'm just glad he's off the streets," said Parker. "Because like I said, it wasn't just us he did it to. There was the elderly man that didn't have a way to get around. And he's where he needs to be."


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