Air Conditioner Problems Increase in Heat

Caitlyn Jones

JACKSON, Tenn. – Experts say keeping an air conditioner well maintained is one of the most important parts of keeping the cool air going during the oppressive heatwave.

B.W. White, who owns Jackson Heat and Air, has received calls every day from people who say their AC isn't working right, or not at all. He said most people don't notice their unit is having trouble until there is extreme heat. “As long as your warm in the winter and cool in the summer you figure everything okay and that may not be the case.”

White said that when a unit is repeatedly turned off and on, it can be hard on the air conditioner. Instead, users should try to set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature, and, if you leave the home, you can set it a few degrees higher.

Most heat and air conditioner companies offer maintenance inspections that help to prevent problems. Experts say changing your filter every month is also important.

"I always tell people to think about it when they get their utility bill. You’re utility bill and the cleanliness of your filter and your coils is related, so when you get a utility bill, change the filter," said White.

White says a typical maintenance visit includes an inspection, cleaning, and needed adjustments and costs close to $200 for a one time visit. Dirty coils can cost you more than $300 a year on your utility bill.


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