James Poe


Alleged "House of Filfth" Leads to Child Neglect Charges

Cyndi Lundeberg

FRIENDSHIP, Tenn. - Crockett County sheriff's deputies said what was happening inside a home on Chestnut Bluff Road was disturbing even for veteran officers.

The home of Angie and James Poe was searched after a 3-year-old was found walking along the side of the road. In an attempt to track down the child's home, the deputies found the unsanitary conditions of the home.

"The house was neglected to a point of it being a detriment to the children's health," Sheriff Klyce said. "Human feces on the floor, trash everywhere...it was past dirty; it was actually harmful,"

Children ranging in age from 3 to 16 were taken into custody and out of the Poe's home. The parents are charged with 10 counts of child neglect, five of them felony. Investigators said what began the entire investigation is a woman found a 3-year-old walking along Chestnut Bluff Road. In the process of locating the parents investigators discovered the home. The toddler was found more than a half a mile away from the home.

"They called trying to say they had found a child and they had spent time trying to determine whose it was and couldn't find out and didn't know what to do," Sheriff Klyce said.

A local teacher picked up the child from the side of the road. Neighbors said they were thankful it was her and not someone with ill intentions.

"If someone hadn't picked up the child and done the right thing, they could have been a missing child for a very long time," neighbor Barbara Quillen said.

Deputies said the children were very dirty but appeared healthy, despite having lice in their hair. Sheriff Klyce said this is not the first time the Poe's have been investigated by child protective services.

"You feel bad for the kids because they deserve better," Quillen said.

Angie and James Poe are being held on $10,000 bond. Sheriff Klyce said more charges could follow.


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