Alleged Paving Company Scammer Behind Bars

Jordan Hall

DRESDEN, Tenn. -- A local paving company left some people with half a driveway and nearly empty wallets. Those scams ended Friday after Bill Boswell was arrested and charged with two warrants for theft.

"He just pulls up in the driveway, claims he has some asphalt left over from a previous job wanting to get rid of it, and says he'll give us a real good deal on it," said Dresden resident Howard Hicks.

Hicks explained that Bill Boswell scammed him out of more than $7,000 for a paving job that was never completed.

Some places on his driveway were left totally uncovered, while others had pavement less than a half-inch thick, with gravel still visible underneath.

"He paid up front and the guy did half the job, and then stopped and demanded money to do the rest of the job after quoting the whole job at one price," said Dresden Police Investigator Steve Howe.

Hicks was just one of Boswell's victims. Boswell was arrested Friday morning in McNairy County, so far with only one case of fraud reported there.

Searching for Boswell on the internet shows his company at different locations across several states.

One news release even showed Boswell scamming victims over driveway paving as early as 2008.

"He would make the job look like it was completed and actually days later go out and observe the job to be a very skim coat or just enough to make it look like a job was done," said Howe.

Hicks said the most frustrating part is now having to work with another paving company to clean up the mess and restart the process.

"It hurts me to think I can't trust anybody. People just stand and lie when they don't need to," explained Hicks.

Investigators said Boswell has operated under several names since he began these scams.

His customers said he operated under Double B Paving in West Tennessee.

He was booked Friday afternoon in the Weakley County Jail.



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