Alleged cell phone thieves caught by “selfies” appear in court

DYERSBURG, Tenn. -- A pair incriminated by some unfortunately timed selfies were back in court this week.

Husband and wife pair, Mark and Sherry Fleming, were indicted this week on a felony charge of theft over $500 after police say they stole a cell phone from a cart at Walmart in May.

According to officers, a woman left her phone in her shopping cart during a trip to Walmart. When she went back for it, it was gone.

Police said store surveillance shows a woman picking up the phone and handing it to a man who put it in his pocket, but it's the automatic selfie -- or a self photo -- taken from the phone that gave police a better look at the suspects.

The selfies were taken with a mobile application called Lookout. When the phone's passcode is entered incorrectly, is automatically takes a photo and sends it to the owner.

Their court date has not yet been set, and they were released on bond according to the Dyersburg Police Department.


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