Animal Shelter In Hardeman County in Danger

Erica Williams

BOLIVAR, Tenn.- Hardeman County Animal Shelter officials are fearing the worst due to an overcrowded shelter. Without more space and money, they may not be able to care for some sick or older dogs. They are hoping they can keep dogs safe and provide them with adequate care, in spite of overcrowding.

Volunteers rescued 800 dogs within the last 18 months. They said they need more space to accommodate more dogs.

"There are two dogs that we've had to keep outside. We've also got dogs doubled up inside that don't need to be doubled up," said Mike Madden.

Madden said he volunteers at the shelter at least four times a week, but needs more helpers and space to fulfill the needs of so many dogs.

"If more people would help out they would see what I'm talking about. I feel good about what I'm doing," said Madden.

Madden said he and other volunteers are working hard to obtain more donations or donors to help them build a new facility that will accommodate more dogs.

In addition to donating and volunteering, Madden said people in the community can help in other ways.

"If people would step up and foster these dogs for us until we get room for them, then that would help," said Madden.

If interested in adopting a dog, contact the Hardeman County Animal Shelter directly or on Facebook at


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