Apparent Trailer Theft Ring Being Investigated

Natalie Potts

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn.- Henderson County deputies said they are investigating a possible trailer theft ring after six theft victims scattered across the county reported having their trailer stolen off of their property.

"We've had a rash of trailers coming up missing," said Captain Tracey Grisham, of the Henderson County Sheriff's Office. "There's no isolated areas of the county. It's happening in all four corners of the county in the North, South, East and West."

Many victims told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News the trailers taken were not just a financial loss but a lost tool many required in order to make a living. Theft victim Lacey Baldwin said her family is out more than $2,000 after her new trailer was stolen.

"Some people can't put aside feeding their family to buy another trailer and shouldn't have to," said Baldwin. "I know just in this area there's been several more than I can count. I've never seen it this bad, It's worthless I don't have words to explain it, it's sickening."

Deputies said so far all of the trailers that have been reported stolen were worth a felony amount. Investigators said some owners have even lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

"Do anything you can to slow them down put a lock on the latch, chain it to a post or tree," said Capt. Grisham. "Keep it inside a shed if you can just anything to slow them down."

Baldwin said since this is not the first time her family has been targeted by thieves. They have installed surveillance cameras to help keep an eye on their property, a preventative tip deputies are encouraging residents.

"These cases, when they pile up we have no clue who it could be," said Capt. Grisham. " When there's no video, pictures or evidence it's very hard to solve."

Deputies are warning residents to be cautious when buying trailers because it is possible they may be stolen.

If you have any information that could help officers call Henderson County Sheriff's Dept at (731) 968-7777.


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