Area Pets Blessed at Annual Event

7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn.- Services were held early Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic Church where area pet owners and their pets gathered for a special ceremony.

The priest blessed each animal during the annual "Blessing of the Pets" and gave them a Saint Francis medal to be worn on their collars. Many of the pet owners who attended the event said having their pets blessed makes them more like a family in the eyes of God.

"It brings tears to my eyes that they care enough to take time out of their day on a Saturday to have their animals blessed," said Katherine Neihoff, an attendee. "So if we can just make more awareness in our community and in Jackson, it's a reflection on our town that we need to take care of our animals."

Church leaders said most of the animals that received a blessing were cats and mainly dogs.


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