Area Sonic Drive-in Celebrates 30 Years

7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn.-This month, the owners of the local Sonic franchise celebrate 30 years in business.

Tuesday, Sonic Radio joined in the celebration, broadcasting from Stanfill Incorporated's newest location on Chloe Place near Pringles Park.

Sonic Radio is the corporation's in-house radio service that broadcasts to drive-ins across the country.

Stanfill, Inc. began with one Sonic in 1982.

"We've got a concept that's not like anybody else's and, we've always strived to give good food, good service and we're kind of unique," said Beverly Stanfill, CEO of Stanfill, Incorporated of Jackson. "So, we've just worked real hard and had a lot of good people helping us along the way and a lot of good customers."

The Stanfill family currently owns nine Sonic Drive-Ins throughout West Tennessee.


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