John Tyler Dotson - Contempt of Court


Arrest Made In Home Invasion, Drug Theft Case

Empriss Campbell

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. - A home invasion at a house on Old Denmark Road has landed one man in jail and two others on the run from Madison County deputies.

The man who lives in the 500 block of Old Denmark Road is still healing from the attack

"It's just awful, absolutely awful...You can't trust anybody you can't open your door to anybody," said local resident, Tammy Yates.

Deputies arrested John Tyler Dotson, 24, on several charges including aggravated burglary. Officers said the 68-year-old man who lives there with his brother was ambushed by Dotson and two other men with scarves over their faces when he opened the door.

"Everyday there's somebody getting shot, somebody getting beat up...houses are broken into and it doesn't seem like there getting punished," said Yates.

The victim told deputies one of the suspects fired at his brother when he tried to intervene.

Morphine, a laptop and a small caliber handgun were taken from the home.

"Constantly, I'm checking my doors to see if there locked because you don't know who is walking down your street, who is driving up your driveway you just can't trust anybody this day and time," said Yates.

Dotson will be arraigned on January 18.

If you have information about the two suspects still on the run, can call the Violent Crimes Unit of the Madison County Sheriff's Department at (731) 423-6000.


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