Authorities Adjust Tactics in Bobo Search

Caitlyn Jones

After nearly a week of searching for Decatur County nursing student Holly Bobo, investigators are trying some new tactics to gather more information about the day she went missing.

TBI public information officer Kristin Helm says twelve additional agents arrived in Decatur County Tuesday morning along with several other law enforcement agencies.

They set up checkpoints along roads in Holly's neighborhood to question people about what they saw on the morning of her abduction.

Helm says catching people during their morning routine could be helpful in making them think back to the same time last Wednesday.

"We just stop people who normally drive on that road and ask them, 'Is this your normal routine? Do you remember seeing anything unusual that morning? Maybe a car that looked suspicious or something like that," said Helm.

She adds volunteers are still needed just as much as before.

Volunteers have been meeting at the Decatur County fairgrounds each morning at 7 a.m.


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