Authorities: Man Shot Son, Then Himself

Heather Mathis

ALCORN COUNTY. Miss.- According to authorities a man in Farmington, near Cornith, Mississippi, shot his son and then himself.

Investigators said the father made a Facebook post suggesting he may try to harm himself and his son. This prompted a concerned Facebook friend to call 911.

Deputies responded to the Farmington School Apartments around midnight, Wednesday where they found 51-year-old Billy Loyd Jr. dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Loyd's 11-year-old son was found in the same room with a gunshot wound.

"He seemed like a genuine parent, ya know, concerned on his well being, where he was at. I just wouldn't have thought it." says next door neighbor, Melissa Evans.

Neighbors also said that the dad has shown signs of doing something like this before.

According to officials, eight weeks ago the man locked himself and his son in the apartment with a gun.

The unidentified man was treated at a mental health facility and then released.

"From the first incident you're thinking, well, there should have been something. It was just the next day he had the kid and he was returned home. The very next day! You just don't think it would be that easy," said Evans.

The boy is in critical condition in a Memphis hospital.


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