Randall Smith


Authorities Say Man's Disappearance is Suspicious

Ben Rainwater

BETHEL SPRINGS, Tenn. - Late Friday night, Randall Smith got on his motorcycle in Bethel Springs. Nobody has seen him since

"I've been depressed all day knowing that my dad could be off somewhere in a ditch dead, or out in the woods murdered," said Cody Smith, Randall's son, via Skype.

Friends told investigators Smith was at a home on Cox Lane when he suddenly got up and left.

"(They) said he was acting rely funny and paranoid," said Investigator Robert Hitchborn of the McNairy County Sheriff's Department. "He said, 'I've got to go,' got on his motorcycle, and left at a high rate of speed."

Some of Smith's personal belongings were found over two days. But they were found in the same area of the same road, leaving investigators with more questions than answers.

"It looked like that all should have been found on the same day," said Investigator Hitchborn. "When the helmet was found, the face shield and phone should have been found."

After so many days, Smith's family said they just want the search to come to an end. Even if something bad has happened, they at least want to have some sort of closure.

"We just want to hear something about him," said Cody Smith.

"If he's in a side ditch or had a heart attack or a stroke or something, maybe we can find him and at least put this out of our minds to quit wondering about him."

If you have seen Randall Smith or have any information in this case, you are asked to call the McNairy County Sheriff's Department at (731) 645-1004.


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