One Dead in Lincoln Courts Shooting

Mallory Cooke

JACKSON, Tenn.--Jackson police say one person is dead following a shooting at Lincoln Courts Apartments.

“To me it looks like a war zone,” Celesta Sharp said, a next door neighbor.

Around 6:20 a.m. Tuesday officers say someone shot and killed 26-year-old Deandre Thomas.

“When I was laying in the bed I heard shots that sounded like fireworks, and I thought it was kids playing fireworks and having a good time,” Sharp said.

Sharp said she watched people scatter after the shooting.

Police say someone found Thomas lying on the back porch. Sharp says she saw him before he died.

“It doesn't make me happy,” she said. “Right now I'm very nervous. I'm very very just anxious, very nervous because I don't know what's gonna happen next.”

Police say Thomas lived in the apartment. Paramedics took him by ambulance to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. “It's sad,” Sharp said. “I mean it's just a sad sad world.”

After the shooting, police say someone told them four armed juveniles got on a school bus. Officers stopped the bus and searched it. Detectives say they did not find any weapons.

“It's just not here in Lincoln Court or in Jackson,” Sharp said. “It's all over the world.”

Police say they have a person of interest, but have not released his or her name.


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