BREAKING: Sheriff Woolfork Asked to Step Down

WEST JACKSON --The Madison County Sheriff has been asked to step down from office by county commissioners, Monday afternoon.

This comes after the commission reviewed results of a sexual harassment investigation involving two female deputies.

Sheriff David Woolfork was given an ultimatum by county commissioners. Step down in seven days, or we'll force you out.

Commissioners held a closed door executive session for more than 4 hours. There they discussed the findings regarding the two sexual harassment claims made by deputy Sharon Sangster and Lt. Lisa Balderamma.

The investigation was performed by a private Nashville attorney and cost the county around $30,000.

According Maroney, commissioners are asking Sheriff Woolfork to submit a letter of resignation. If they don't get that within seven days, the commission put ouster proceedings into action to remove him from office.

A temporary protection order was put in place October 11, after police were called to Sangster's home in west Jackson to investigate an alleged domestic violence incident between the feuding lovers.

On Oct. 10, Sangster said Woolfork came to her house uninvited and made unwanted advances toward her. In her bedroom, she testified, "That's when he swung me around and grabbed me and threw me on the bed." She told the court she repeatedly begged him to stop. "That's when he took his hand and put it down my shorts," she testified.

Woolfork turned over his guns to Chief Deputy Tommy Cunningham on October 25 after Judge Phyllis Gardner ordered the Sheriff to surrender all firearms on October 23. This came after she granted a year-long order of protection filed by Woolfork’s former mistress Deputy Sharon Sangster.

The protection order hearing lasted nearly six hours, where nine witnesses were called to testify. Both Sangster and Woolfork admitted to a turbulent and sexual relationship, that lasted two years.

On Nov. 5, another sexual harassment claim was filed against Sheriff David Woolfork.

Lt. Lisa Balderrama hired Jackson attorney Michael Weinman to represent her. According to the letter from Weinman to the county, Balderrama intends to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The letter did not include any other details of her allegations.

No criminal charges have been filed in this case.


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