Barbecue Restaurant in Henderson County Burns Down

Natalie Potts

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn- Residents in Reagan are feeling the loss of a family barbecue business after it was destroyed in a fire.

JD's Barbecue Barn caught flame early Friday morning just 45 minutes before the door opened for business, Friday. Residents said the barbecue stop was one of their most prized restaurants in the county.

"He's always been a part of the community here. We all hate to see this," said resident Dan Wood.

Jeff Dill, owner of JD's Barbecue Barn told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that the fire started after he turned on the grill to cook pork and chicken.

He left the grill alone and came back 10 minutes later to find his restaurant in flames.

"It's just your dreams going under. I'm just happy it was this rather then my home or someone in my family," said Dill.

Neighbors said they feared the worst for their favorite barbecue pit master, a well-known cook who had spent years perfecting his special recipes.

"The flame was coming out the window, the window blew out and then I saw him on the other side and it was like I started breathing again when I knew he was okay," said resident Nell Bailey.

Dill said his ultimate goal has always been to run his shop in a small town, working hard for a good living that supports his disabled wife while serving people in his community. Even thought It is a dream that took years to build, buried in the ashes, Dill said he plans to rebuild.

"I'm the only breadwinner in the family but we'll make it we'll get started back up we'll work hard together," said Dill.

Firefighters said their investigation as to what caused the fire is still ongoing. Residents said customers inside and outside of Henderson County will miss JD's Barbecue.


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