Barbers and Customers Sad on Final Day of Business

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- Residents are bidding farewell to a barbershop that has been around for decades. The shop's owners are closed the doors Thursday and giving long-time customers their final hair cuts.

Stylist III owners, Larry Dunaway and Woody Pipkin, have worked together for 45 years, with 40 of those were as owners of their barbershop, located on South Highland.

The two have decided to retire after years of cutting the hair of many Jackson residents. Throughout the week, customers flooded the shop to say goodbye to their barbers.

"It's been more tears shed in here this week that it will be at my funeral," said Dunaway.

His partner, Pipkin agreed. "I was ready for my tears, but the customers also shed them."

Both Dunaway and Pipkin said they have no plans to cut hair as a profession again.


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