Beer and Wine Now Sold in Pickwick

Emily Cassulo

The wait is over. Those who have wanted a beer or a glass of wine at Pickwick Landing State Park can now get it at the restaurant.

Back in 2005, the Tennessee River Resort Act was passed to allow local businesses within three miles of the Tennessee River to sell alcohol. Pickwick restaurant workers said it was time to join them.

"It's kind've become a common thing for a lot of conference centers and restaurants to be serving alcohol, and in order to provide customer service and give people more options, we decided to go ahead and serve alcohol," said Lauren Hill, Director of Lodging and Conference Services.

Pickwick Landing is now the first state park in Tennessee to serve both beer and wine. Before, the park only sold beer on the golf course.

"I think it's great," said restaurant customer Kenneth Giles. "A lot of people like to have a glass of wine with their meal or a bottle of beer. Nothing wrong with it as long as you don't overdo it."

Officials said you still cannot drink in the campground, or other public areas of the park, but boaters can buy packaged beer at the marina.

Workers said they will not be serving alcohol on Sundays, and do not expect it to turn into a bar.

"We're not pushing it," Hill said. "We're a family restaurant, and that's what we want to maintain and we keep that, and it is only table service."

According to Hill, the move is good for tourism and the economy. It helps them compete with nearby businesses and other conference centers.

"The more that we can drive and bring business into Hardin County and into the local areas, the better it is for everybody," she said.

Hill told 7 Eyewitness News they are planning to start selling beer and wine at other Tennessee state parks as well. She said this week they have received permits to serve alcohol at Paris Landing State Park and Montgomery Bell State Park.


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