Family Loses Everything in Bells House Fire

Natalie Potts

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn.- Two West Tennessee families are displaced after a devastating fire destroyed a duplex home in Bells, Sunday morning.

The Minton family who lived in the duplex told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News the fire started from an electrical outlet in their kitchen. The home is a total loss.

"Really the hardest part is my youngest is 2 he doesn't really fully understand what's going on," fire victim Jeremy Minton said. "He is kind of like, 'hey lets go back home,' and you have to sit there and tell him it's not there anymore."

Minton said he came home early from work and noticed smoke. When he opened the front door he said there was a wall of flames inside of his home. He tried to save the animals, but for some of their pets, it was too late.

"One of the reasons I tried staying in there as long as I could was for the animals. My wife is pretty attached to the cats and I had my dog in there as well. She made it out but the cats didn't," said Jeremy Minton.

With help from the Red Cross, the Minton family of four, including two boys ages 2 and 4 were able to temporarily get a room in a Jackson hotel.

"It was really tough knowing we lost our animals and all the Christmas we worked hard for you know," Shea Minton said. "We made sure they had a good Christmas and just like that it's all gone."

"Last couple of days we've really been enjoying each others company, making sure we appreciate life for what's really important. I believe God will take care of us," Jeremy Minton said. "I believe if we wouldn't come out stronger after all of this then it wouldn't of happened."

Both of the families who were displaced in the fire are now staying in hotels. The list of immediate needs for each family includes.

Minton Family: Contact (615) 427-1469
Boy 4-T clothing, sized 10-11 toddler shoes,
Boy 3-T clothing, sized 8 toddler shoes,
Woman's X-large shirt, Woman's sized 18 pants
Men's X-large shirt, Men's sized 38 waist pants
Woman's sized 8 shoe,
Men's sized 13 shoe.

Jones Family: (731) 616-8556
Girls 6-9 months clothing
Bottles, 18-24 pound diapers, Gentle Smooth Start formula
Woman's X -large shirts, Woman's sized 14 pants and sized 10 shoes.
Men's sized 2 X- Large shirts and pants sized 36-32.
Men's sized 11 shoe.


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