Bells PD Officer Charged with Theft in Lexington

Heather Mathis

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn.- A Bells police officer was arrested, Tuesday, accused of stealing hundreds of magazines from the National Guard Armory in Lexington.

According to court documents, Jonathan Walker, 38, was also a soldier at the Lexington National Guard Armory. Last Wednesday, Lexington Police were notified that 798 high velocity 30 round M4 military magazines had been stolen from the armory. All of the mags were empty.

Investigators believed Walker participated in stealing the 798 magazines in an attempt to sell them illegally.

Records showed that Walker's attorney contacted Lexington Police and said Walker did have the magazines, but 100 were in Mississippi, and 100 were in Tennessee. On the February 13, Walker turned in 200 magazines to the Lexington Police Department, and officials stated that they have recovered the remaining magazines.

Bells Police Chief Roger Jenkins and Mayor Harold Craig said they were aware of the situation, but would not comment.

Lexington police said they are continuing their investigation and expect to charge additional people.


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