Benton County Gas Station Burglarized

Cyndi Lundeberg

CAMDEN, Tenn. - Dipak Patel of Big Daddy's gas station in Benton County said he cannot believe his gas station was burglarized. Frequent visitors of the station call Patel a good man and a hard worker.

Mike Smith said he fills up his tank there very frequently and feels for the owners.

"It's a shame. They're pretty good people who own this store and they're here everyday all day long. They make good money and somebody come take it that just ain't right," he said.

Donnie Roupe said he is furious on behalf of the owners.

"It's surprising. I live just up the road and it makes me mad," he said.

Big Daddy employees believe the burglars smashed the drive thru window to get into the store. Patel said the burglars cut phone lines and ripped out the security system leaving the store without cameras while they got thousands out of the ATM.

The following morning Patel and his brothers spent hours sealing the broken window. They say this is the first incident the gas station has had in five years. Camden residents said they believe crime is a growing problem in the area.

"Times are tough. People desperate for money are gonna do desperate things," Smith said.

"It's just tough for everybody, but still this is nonsense. They gotta start putting these people away," said Roupe.

Benton County Sheriff Tony King said even though the surveillance was taken they gathered a lot of evidence from the store. He said currently fingerprints and other data are being checked out at a crime lab.

If you have any information regarding the burglary contact the Benton County Sheriff's Department at (731) 584-4632.


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