Bethel Springs Prepares For Major Clean Up Effort

Empriss Campbell

MCNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. - Bethel Springs residents can start picking up work orders for free home repair starting this week.

"At the end of the month we're going to have some crews coming that work with UMCOR and we're going to start helping people rebuild their homes so they can move back in them or improve them a little bit," said disaster coordinator, Norma Smith.

Smith encouraged residents with insurance to file a claim on their losses and use the money for that claim.

"If there is a short fall, which means they don't have enough money to repair what they need let us know...if they had no insurance let us know what their needs are then we will prioritize those," said Smith.

Priority will be placed on the health of the person who lives in the home and if they do not have any insurance. Smith said there are less than six residents in town without insurance, which is much lower than expected.

"We did have some people that didn't have insurance. Of course, we do have to ask them why you didn't have insurance and we did have one family tell us they had to chose between utility bills or house insurance and they chose to pay utility bills."

The United Methodist Committee of Relief, also known as UMCOR is one of the private faith-based organizations to bring relief because the town does not have the finances or equipment to handle the aftermath of the storm.

"They're paying for the fuel, they're taking days off from work and they're coming here to help get their lives in order."

The work order request may be picked up at Bethel Springs City Hall.

For donations and/or financial contributions for the recovery efforts,

Memphis Conference United Methodist Church (UMCOR)
24 Corporate Blvd
Jackson Tn. 38305
Attn: Disaster recovery

First Baptist Church
P.O. Box 187
Bethel Springs, Tn., 38315
Attn: Disaster recovery


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