Beyond Jobs Program Encourages Women to Set Examples

Laura Bannon

JACKSON, Tenn. - A new two year program that is aimed to helping women get on track with their career is underway at the Goodwill Career Solution Center.

Adrienne Holliday has first hand experience when it comes to financial problems. "When you're looking for a job you feel beat down, you have the door slammed in your face and when you come in here everyone make you feel good they give you encouragement," said Holliday.

The Beyond Jobs program focuses on women and helping them find the proper tools they need to be successful in their life. It is a two year program where women attend a three day class. During the time they will help women with their current situation and help them find a job.

Casey Coatney is a Career Counselor. "It's very important to have that financial independence and know how to save money and how to invest it. Everybody has a goal and sometimes we need help achieving that goal and that's what we're here to do," said Coatney.

Holliday said helping women in anyway is a powerful experience and she hopes that people will get involved in this wonderful program. It has made a difference for her to be involved with Goodwill Career Solutions.

"They leave here empowered they have a job and they feel better about themselves and that's always a wonderful feeling," Holliday said.


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