Bill Way


Bill Way Returns to His Radio Show

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- Residents said they have mixed feelings about controversial radio host Bill Way's returning to the air, Tuesday.

The News/Talk 101.5 WNWS FM host was taken off of the air more than two weeks ago after posting a racially charged Facebook update regarding the Obamas. The comment on his personal page called President Obama " a pimp walkin' prez married to a cheetah daughter."

Some listeners called into the station supporting Way's right to practice freedom of speech. "They came down on him too hard," said resident Julia Dickerson. "He shouldn't be going through all of this for one comment he said."

Some residents said they believed the host abused his right and responsibility in the spotlight as the voice of the community. "I'm really upset about that I mean I really think he should have been fired," said resident Bobbie Mckeney

Way took the time to address bad feelings on his first show back. While on the air he said, "Those of you who are standing by who feel that I should be fired, I want you to lean towards your radio, look at the buttons and press the one you are not currently on. Press it with that you will fire me."

Station owner Carlton Viers also took to the air with a public apology that asked the station's listeners to move forward. "We're going forward now with this new sense of sensitivity civility responsibility and accountability," said Viers.

After seeing Way deliver a public apology on his Facebook page and radio station, some residents said they are willing to give him a second chance. "I don't think anyone should be burned for one mistake," said resident Justin Overton. "He made a mistake let's see if he fixes his mistake. If he doesn't well that's his fault. "

WNWS released a statement that said this situation has been a been a teacher and a lesson producing valuable communication that can positively affect the community.


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