Bird Dog Trials Enter Second Week at Ames Plantation

Erica Williams

GRAND JUNCTION, Tenn- A 100 year tradition is continuing in its second week in Hardeman County. It is 10 days of nonstop competition between the nation's top bird dogs to determine a national champion.

The bird dogs and their handlers are chasing the coveted title at the Ames Plantation in Grand Junction. The trials are held to display the pointing dogs' ability to successfully point out quail, which is why they are also known as bird dogs.

The competition lasts for three hours and covers approximately 30 miles. Because of the speed of the dogs, spectators ride on horses to keep up.

John Rix Gates, a retired dog trainer, has won the competition four times.

"These people work these dogs year round to win other field races, " said Gates, "but they always like to win this because it's the biggest."

The competition began on February 11 and will conclude this week.


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