Caretaker May Face Charges of Stealing Elderly Woman's Funeral Savings

7 Eyewitness News Staff

BOLIVAR, Tenn. - An elderly Bolivar woman said her caretaker stole money she had planned to use for her funeral.

The victim, Mary Bodley, says she put too much trust in her caretaker,"I did trust, I trust to much as they go to whatever that I needed at the store pick-up prescriptions. They would use my car."

The victim told police that her caretaker took her debit card and spent nearly $500. Money she was planning on using to handle her own funeral expenses.

According to the Bolivar Police, the caregiver swiped the debit card 14 different times while running errands.

The woman said she is speaking out about the crime because she wants other people in her situation to beware of predators around them.

"I had it there for my funeral to go along with my insurance that I have because there is always extra expense," said Bodley.

Bolivar police said they plan to charge the caretaker with a misdemeanor count of theft.


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