Bolivar To Build New Fire Station in West Part of The City

Erica Williams

BOLIVAR, Tenn- More jobs, increased safety, and a possible break for taxpayers could all be possible for one West Tennessee city, after plans to build a new fire station.

After more than 12 years of planning, Bolivar Mayor Barrett Stevens said they are ready to purchase a building for the new fire station in the city's fastest growing area, West Bolivar. Stevens said the purchasing of a new building could save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars less than what it would cost to build a new one; and he said there are other benefits as well.

"Hopefully this will stimulate businesses and show that something is happening out here in West Bolivar," said Stevens.

Bolivar Fire Chief, Lynn Price agreed. "People want to see a fire station when building a business or planning to move to the area," he said.

The building the city plans to purchase is an old car service center, easily accessible to the highway. Stevens said if everything goes as planned, the station should be up and running in 2014.


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